Sochi, Russia
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Sochi's location on the Black Sea coast makes it one of the top eastern European cities to visit, and one of the top ten vacation spots in Europe. Explore the places of tourist interest in Sochi and delve deep into the magical whirlpool of beauty. Some of the city's tourist attractions are as following:

Riviera Park

Sochi's most popular park, which contains games, amusement rides, art galleries, cafes, statues, a pool and beautiful magnolia trees planted by Russian astronauts in the name of peaceful space exploration.

Agura Waterfalls

Hike along the Agura ravine to find these stunning waterfalls, the highest at 90 feet. Enjoy the view of the crystal clear waterfalls crashing down to the oval pool and the panoramic views over the city and Black Sea.

Krasnaya Polyana

This popular state reserve offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the magnificent West Caucasus mountains. Located just 25 miles from Sochi and the Black Sea coast, Krasnaya Polyana is sometimes called the 'Russian Courchevel" for its well-groomed pistes, good après-ski nightlife, and high prices.

Winter Theatre

Built in the interwar period, the Sochi's fine Neoclassical Winter Theatre remains one of the best concert halls in all of Russia from the illustrious era. The city's yellow-tinted Summer Theatre is also worth a visit.


Sochi is a Black Sea resort after all and the hub of Russia's very own "Riviera". Everybody tells, the Sochi region has more than 120 km of beach on tap.

Sochi Art Museum

The museum's works tell stories of Sochi's history, such as the picture 'Italy' by Isaac Izrailevich Brodsky which is connected to the history of the health resorts. The works are constantly changing to display the art of some of Russia's greats as well as local artists.

Sochi Dolphinarium

A popular tourist attraction for families visiting Sochi. The Dolphinarium's daily performances featuring aquatic life such as dolphins, white whales, killer whales, sea lion and seals is a favourite with both young and old.


One of the most popular ski resorts in the Caucasus region, Dombai is a scenic mountain valley located at the confluence of three rivers 37 miles from the Black Sea coast. Famous for its pure air, Dombai is frequented mostly by Russian holidaymakers, lending it a unique and lively atmosphere.

Saint Michael's Church

An orthodox church, that commemorates the hard-fought Russian conquest of the Caucasus in a war that wrought devastation in the region from 1817 to 1864.