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about Fisht Olympic stadium

The Fisht Olympic Stadium will be built in the new Sochi Olympic Park. It is named after Mount Fisht and will have a capacity of 40,000. It will be located within walking distance of the Olympic Village, so that the spectators will have a magnificent view on both mountain peaks in the north and the sea in the south.

The design of the "Fisht" Olympic Stadium in Sochi is unique across Russia. For the first time in the construction of a large-scale structure, a translucent polycarbonate roof will be used which will give the building an appearance of snowy peaks. This will ensure it sits in harmony with the landscape of the Imeretinskaya Valley and the Caucasus Mountains.

The Olympic Stadium will be the central focus of Russia's 2014 Winter Olympics and Paralympics, where it will host both the opening and closing ceremonies. It is estimated to be opened in April 2013 and will serve as a training centre and venue for the Russian Football National Team after the Games. It will also host mass entertainment events and shows. The stadium is also touted to stage matches during Russia's hosting of the FIFA World Cup in 2018.

Visible for kilometres in every direction, the iconic stadium will be a beacon and a lasting memory of the Games, long after the excitement of the Olympics has diminished.